Physics tuition with Mr. Kaleem Akbar

About Mr. Akbar MSc. BSc. PGDE

Information for parents and students

Welcome to Physics tuition with Mr. Kaleem Akbar.

Mr. Akbar is a highly qualified and experienced Physics teacher and an International writer.

He has a BSc. Honours from Heriott Watt University, an MSc. from the University of St Andrews and a PGDE from Strathclyde University. All qualifications were achieved between 2002-2005 from these prestigious educational institutes of Scotland.

He has been teaching IGCSE and A level Physics for the past 12 years, has written two endorsed titles, one for the Cambridge examination board and one for Edexcel. The fact that these titles have been endorsed means they have been through a rigorous checking process by their respective examination boards and consequently officially approved.

His titles that are available world-wide are:

  • Cambridge IGCSE Physics Explained
  • Edexcel International GCSE Physics Simplified.

Kaleem strives for ways to improve how to teach what is generally considered a difficult subject in the easiest way possible. He has now created videos to support his lessons along with his books. This means students can replay lessons, that they have been taught, in the comfort of their own home after having participated in an online lesson. His success rate is averaged at 93% A*- C at IGCSE and A-level.

Signing up

Currently, you are requested to fill in the details in the following pages to secure your child's place. The booking system allows you to choose your child's tuition time slot (Please note that students are where possible placed in classes based on similar academic ability - This is to help them achieve the best grade possible). Of course students are welcome to fill this form in too.

This online sign up system is designed to be a simple way for you to not only reserve your place for the academic year 2018/2019 but will eventually act as a vehicle to allow better communication between the teacher and parents, for example, being able to report student progress to your email inbox directly.

Lesson time slots are based on GMT time zone, it's important that you understand which time this equates to in your own time zone.

Live Online Tuition

IGCSE and A level Physics lessons

  • Physics tuition lessons take place twice a week for IGCSE and AS/A2 level.
  • The length of an online lesson is 1 hour for IGCSE or 1 hour 30 min for A level.
  • IGCSE students are pointed to Mr. Akbars book(s) for purchase, A level students are given notes.
  • All students are given access to bonus videos, online quizzes, and hundreds of examination style questions with worked soloutions.

Cost of lessons

IGCSE - 1hr

  • Cost per lesson — £10
  • Bundle of 10 — £90 10% off
  • Bundle of 20 — £170 15% off
  • Bundle of 30 — £240 20% off

First lesson - FREE 30 min introduction

Students will be pointed in the direction of the appropriate book for purchase.

A level - 1hr 30min

  • Cost per lesson — £15
  • Bundle of 10 — £135 10% off
  • Bundle of 20 — £255 15% off
  • Bundle of 30 — £360 20% off

First lesson - FREE 30 min introduction

Students will be provided with notes, there will be an additional cost which will depend on the students location.

It's advisable to only pay for bundles after participating in 1-2 lessons with Mr. Akbar.

Pricing above is based on average class sizes of 30 students.

Requests for 1-1 and smaller group sizes would incur a premium lesson charge. Email for more details.

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