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Book made of gold Mohammad Saeed 13 Feb 2016
I don't think so words will be enough to thank Mr Akbar, I always struggled with studying physics but this book is really magnificent and I suggest everyone to get it for who ever aim for A* because you will never find any book better than this one...
IGCSE Physics Summarised Simon Dalton 21 Aug 2014
Dear Kaleem , Many thanks for you "simpilfied Physics "GCSE guide , it enabled Alistair to obtain an A* , having been predicted a "C" Well done to all concerned Rgds Simon Dalton
- Yasmina 20 May 2014
I don't think I could help Mr Akbar enough for this amazing book. He's always been my favourite physics teacher and his book made everything 10 times easier for me throughout my Igcse course, the information is sufficiently detailed but kept simple. Thankyou Mr Akbar!!!
very well rounded Wid Al E 19 May 2014
Id have to say I'm stunned of how much it helps. So many other books have too much extra information, but this one is straight to point. It explains everything so well,and really does take me closer to an A or even A* . The pages might look simple but thats the point!! It looks attractive to us students plus its also packed with all the information we need.I have improved soo much because of this book, thank you Mr Akbar.
The best. M.Mikhail 19 May 2014
This book helped me a lot even though physics was my biggest problem amongst all the other subjects. The good thing about it is that it is simple, straight to the point and gives you all you need to know for an A*
A book worth every penny Mohammed G 19 May 2014
This book is GREAT!! I recommend it to everyone that is struggling with physics like me. It really grabs your attention into reading the book and enjoying the simplicity, unlike other books that are full of unreliable facts. This book is simple and straight forward with equations related to its topic and perfect diagrams and examples.If you want an A* then this is the book for you! Thank you Mr.Akbar for this great book!!
Simply all you need. Mohammad Kobeissi 19 May 2014
The book is a great book, and it has all the information you will ever need. No more, no less. Personally, I have studied from this book and only this book throughout both my years of Igcse and I have achieved A*s all the way. I did a few past papers too ofcourse.Not only that, but last year, I got the school prize for being the first over the yeargroup. This book has really made studying physics easier, and I recommend it to everyone.
Amazing book Mohammed 19 May 2014
This book is the most simplified book you will ever find, helped me save time, could easily get an A* with!
Success David 30 Jan 2014
These IGCSE Physics notes were a helpful component in simplifying many complicated aspects of the IGCSE Physics syllabus. This book is a good summary of the course and should boost anyone's chance at an A*.
simplified and very helpful Fai 11 Feb 2013
Ever since i started studying from this book, i hadn't faced any major problems or misunderstandings, this book helped me reach the top of my year group in physics with confidence. If there's anyone to thank it'd be Mr.Akbar!
Title zaina 11 Feb 2013
This book was extremely helpful and beneficial and I would definitely recommend it to everyone taking IGCSE Physics
Extremely helpful Hiba 11 Feb 2013
I've always lost hope in physics until I was told that my old physics teacher published a book all about IGCSE physics. I decided to order this book and it has helped me through a lot of topics I haven't really understood. It made me feel more confident towards physics. Thank you Mr. Akbar!!
Helps A Lot Ali Alradaan 05 Feb 2013
This book guided me through my IGCSE's and with its help I earned an A*. Worth every penny, I recommend it to all IGCSE students.
A STARiser Minamrc 21 Jan 2013
During the final months approaching my final IGCSE physics exam, I had almost lost hope in getting a decent grade in it. As an attempt to maybe get things right at the end, took myself to a bookstore to find some sort of physics book to help me out, as I browsed through this one book (IGCSE Physics Simplified, the one being reviewed) struck me. The author's name seemed very familiar, realising that the name of the author was also the name of a physics teacher in my school! (Mr. Akbar teaches me this year for AS level physics) So, with no hesitation I picked it up, and started using it as my main study resource for physics. From day 1 I felt more confident and able in the field of IGCSE physics, going through questions like a hot knife through butter. The fact that Mr. Akbar structured the syllabus in his book so effectively and simply is the key to this book's beauty, and it seems that 99% of educational books miss this element, which for me is what set Mr. Akbar's book appart from all other books out there. Against all odds, I found myself with an A* at the end of the course, and to be very honest I thank this book for it.
Very Helpful Mohammad Alherz 19 Jan 2013
I really thought it was a great book. It made me get an A* on my Physics IGCSE class last year. Without this book I dont think I would've gotten an A* . Thank You Mr Akbar!!
Excellent IGCSE Edexcel/Cambridge Physics Exam Resource! Naser 19 Jan 2013
Akbar's compilation of all the necessary information, definitions, facts, diagrams and experimental procedures you need to know in a simple way makes it easily one of the best review guides in the market.
Review Yehia 19 Jan 2013
I found this book very useful, all the material needed for the IGCSE course is contained within. The way in which the information is presented makes it a very simple read. All the equations are grouped together and it includes good exam techniques and practical skills to guide you through the course and aid your studies.
This book is amazing! Ali 19 Jan 2013
I ordered the book and its simplifies everything ! It has really good exam tips too! I recommend this book to everyone who's struggling with IGCSE physics
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